Monday, April 11, 2011

Ten Statements About....INGLORIOUS BASTERDS (2009)

Ahhhhhh!!!  Get it away from me...and the knife, too!
1) I don't understand the complaints about the film's talkiness--it's a Tarantino film; what do you expect?

2) Someone seriously needs to sit Quentin down and explain to him that Eli Roth should not be placed anywhere near a camera. Whether in front of it or behind it, he's incapable of being entertaining.

3) No matter what the nature of the story, it always comes down to film with you, doesn't it, Quentin?

4) I was pleasantly surprised by how Tarantino fit in cameos by Samuel L. Jackson and Harvey Keitel in a way where they were recognizable without drawing attention to themselves.

5) No, seriously...Quentin, Eli Roth sucks.

6) It's not surprising Tarantino spend so much time with Melanie Laurent's Shoshana--she has the same looks and presence as his last muse, Uma Thurman, and her subplot leads to what is my favorite image in the film, and maybe my favorite image in his entire oeuvre.

7) Okay...enough with the foot fetish scenes. We get it. Really, we do.

8) Even though it's clearly stated at the beginning of the film, I was still pleasantly shocked by how cool Mike Myer's performance was.

9) Christoph Waltz's performance as the main villain is thoroughly enjoyable, at turns charming and vicious, and--most important--a credible threat.

10) I absolutely adore how there's a supreme bit of misdirection at the top of the second act that leads to a complication that throws everything into another gear entirely.

Overall...I liked it.

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