Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Statements About....VERONICA MARS SEASON ONE, EPISODE THIRTEEN 'Lord Of The Bling' (2005)

Sorry...no...not threatening, Mr. Anderson...
"How did you guys find me?"
"Whoever did this was either really dumb or really smart. You're really smart."

1) Usually I would hate this...but I liked how the script very subtly worked a reference to the title song of the show in this episode about the music business.

2) Strangely enough...one of the weaknesses, though is the casting of comedian Anthony Anderson in the role of 'Bone' Hamilton, an obvious stand-in for notorious rap producer Suge Knight. Anderson is simply too nice, not fierce enough to be as threatening as he is supposed to be in this story.

3) Since we are now over halfway through the season, we're going to see some situations where the A Plot is going to dovetail into the season's overarc...and this is what we get here, as we learn more about what went down with Logan and Lilly as Veronica delves into finding Jowharah Jones' Yolanda. Less and less is going to be wasted as the primary goal of this part of the season is to wrap everything up just in case the series ends after this one story.

I'm trying very hard not to think about what this still, umm,
instills in me...
4) Now that we are in the post-Lynne Echolls part of the season, there's a real shift in the relationship between Logan and his father. We see in their scenes here how Logan has become the dominant one, and is milking it for all the psychological pain its worth. It's another example of how Jason Dohring knows what he's doing when it comes to his character.

5) The real prize, acting-wise is Jermaine Williams, who plays Yolanda's brother Bryce. His performance is fairly nuanced and clever and--save for a really awful final reveal--ends up coming off as much more three-dimensional as some of the other A-plot specific characters we'll meet both in this episode (I'm looking at you, Sam 'Dime Bag' Sarpong) and in later ones.

6) This is the first time since 'Drinking The Kool-Aid' where we've seen the Mars family working together again, and damn does it feel so much better after three episodes of limited Keith-and-Veronica Time....

7) There's a real interesting scene between Logan and Duncan that not only sets up the next major development in Logan and Veronica's relationship, but also sets up the cliffhanger for this episode. While this is not the first time we've had a cliffhanger for an episode...it's going to be an increasingly common development.

Jason Dohring takes command of his story arc with his father
right here....
8) Yep...gotta agree with you, Kristen...not scrawny at all.

9) You'll notice that this is another A Plot where the solution is something that is not tragic or terrible...in fact, it's quite hopeful. It makes me wonder if some of the resolutions of the A Plots in Season Two are more tragic as a reaction to this.

10) You have to wonder just how rough Keith gets with these offscreen bail jumpers, since in the last few episodes he's had a black eye and a bad back! This is one tough character, I'll tell you what.

Overall...even though we've got a rather unconvincing client, this is a great episode that tightens up the two streams of the show while also getting the overarc running overtime.

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